General Employer Action Plan



The following action plan has been formulated to ensure that employees are able to balance work and parenthood and adequately fulfill their potential.

1Plan Period

March 15, 2011 to March 31, 2015

2Plan Details

Aim 1:
Within the plan period (before March 31, 2015) a support office will be established where employees can seek consultation if they are pregnant, on maternity or childcare leave, or just returned to work. In addition to offering total support to employees from the time of their pregnancy through to their return to work, the office will ensure that employees are aware of the system and will provide information on a variety of matters.
• Establish consultation system where employees can seek consultation, even for matters that might seem trivial.
• Conduct training to deepen managers' understanding.
• Consider support measures based on survey of what employees hope to get out of the system.
• Prepare pamphlets and publish on company Intranet (noticeboard) to ensure all employees are aware of system.
• Provide information to employees on maternity and childcare leave.

Aim 2:
Within the plan period (before March 31, 2015), provide a working environment where employees can work with peace-of-mind and are able to take time off depending on their physical condition from the perspective of maternal health management and measures to ensure maternal welfare during pregnancy.
• Introduce short working hours to enable employees to avoid rush-hour commutes.
• Consider introducing abnormal pregnancy leave (special leave).

Aim 3:
Within the plan period (before March 31, 2015), ensure the availability of childcare facilities and design support measures for sites where the provision of such facilities is difficult, to support employees in achieving a balance between work and childcare.
• Consider ensuring availability of childcare facilities.
• Design support measures for employees at sites where the provision of childcare facilities is difficult.





The following action plan has been formulated to maintain and improve employment environment in which women employees can be active.

1Plan Period


May11, 2016 to March 31, 2021

2Our Issue

[Issue 1]Low female representation in managerial positions

[Issue 2]Limited assignment opportunities for female employees as compared to male employees.  


Increase women’s representation in managerial positions to 10% or higher (section managers and above, including executives) .

4Approach and Implementation term

[Approach1]         Conduct career training continuously to develop female managerial talent.

・Since May, 2016             Planned career development training.(training for assistant                                                                  section managers)

・Since October, 2016       Conducted career development training. (training for assistant section                                                  managers)

[Approach2]           Assign female employees to departments etc. where there have been                                                  few female employees.

・Since May, 2016        Promoted female employees’ assignment status and job opportunities                                                  for new hires at recruiting events.

・From January, 2017        Will plan assignments for new hires.

[Approach3]           Proactively implement job rotation for career-track female employees                                                  for the purpose of career development.

・From October, 2016        Will plan personnel changes in view of job rotation.

・From March, 2017          Will make personnel changes as needed.