Wastewater treatment agents and equipment FAQ

Even if I insert #20 I can't perform flocculation, what should I do?

Check the pH level. Flocs will not be formed if the solution has a strong acidic or alkaline property.
Adjust the pH until it is between 7 and 8.
Also check whether the amount of #20 that you have added is insufficient.

What treatment equipment should I use?

If you want to perform batch treatment, we recommend MORESCO non-oil systems.
For continuous treatment, we recommend our dissolved air flotation equipment.
MORESCO equipment can support your required water quality through a variety of treatments such as secondary treatment, activated charcoal, biological treatment, and accelerated oxidation.

Do any toxic materials remain in treated water?

There is absolutely no chance of toxic materials dissolving into the solution when you use EMULSION-BREAKER.
We have carefully selected safe raw materials. Also, EMULSION-BREAKER passes the standards (the Japan Water Works Association standards) for chemicals used during tap water purification.

How do I use #20?

You can use #20 to treat most kinds of emulsified wastewater.
Measure out and insert the regulated amount.

How do I use #3?

Recent water-soluble cutting fluids and fat removal agents use a large amount of activators in order to increase their safety, so use #3 as a pre-treatment agent to absorb these activators.

What can I remove by using EMULSION-BREAKER?

EMULSION-BREAKER can remove oils, but can also remove COD and BOD to a certain degree.

Is it possible to treat water-soluble cutting fluids in their entirety?

It is not possible to completely treat water-soluble cutting fluids. The emulsion type can perform treatment on these fluids to a certain degree.
Among types such as the soluble type and the solution type, there are a great number of products in which the COD component remains after treatment.

Is it possible to remove oils floating in wastewater?

It is possible to remove small amounts of oils by using #20, but if there is a large amount of oils, use an oil absorbent agent to absorb the oils or use an oil skimmer to collect the oils. Using these two methods keeps the amount of chemicals low.

Water has mixed into the waste oil to make a cloudy solution. Is it possible to treat this solution?

EMULSION-BREAKER is only a water treatment agent, it is not an oil treatment agent, so it cannot be used to perform treatment in this situation. The limit of EMULSION-BREAKER's effectiveness is an oil concentration of 3 to 5% in water.

What should I do to judge whether wastewater can be treated?

The best way is to take a sample of the wastewater and send it to MORESCO. If we have a 1 L sample of wastewater, we will perform tests, and then send you a treatment result report.

What are the merits of this product?

The first merit is that this product can be used without first diluting wastewater even if that wastewater is highly concentrated. The second merit is that, for wastewater that has a large amount of oils, the use amount of this product can be smaller than that of other treatment agents.