MORESCO PHOSFAROL, supporting the evolution of hard disk drives

Sunday, 01 September 2013

Bring further evolution to hard disk drives with an ultrathin nano-level coating.

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MORESCO PHOSFAROL, supporting the evolution of hard disk drives
In recent years, hard disk drives have evolved remarkably with higher speeds and larger capacities. Supporting this evolution is PHOSFAROL, a surface lubricant for hard disk drives. The role of such lubricants in these drives is to form an ultrathin nano-level coating of lubrication on the surfaces of individual discs to protect the data from contact with the magnetic heads reading and writing the data. As hard disk drives continue to evolve, surface lubricants are required to form an ever more delicate lubricating coating.



Development of a new surface lubricant
MORESCO PHOSFAROL D-40H, which has a unique chemical core structure, was first developed in 2007. PHOSFAROL was found to barely decompose and to form a thinner film than existing lubricants, so since 2010 has been adopted by hard disk manufacturers. Various trials and errors are repeated in research & development. Hypotheses are made based on diverse data and careful calculations, and experiments are repeated over many weeks. Supporting MORESCO's research & development is the professional pride of the developers and the passion to continuously meet customers' confidence and increase their satisfaction.


From small laboratory to the world
Developed lubricants and the passion that helped create them are passed from researchers and developers to manufacturers. Mass production of these lubricants, however, is done almost entirely by hand. Lubricants are carefully produced in a small laboratory in Kobe and then packed in tiny palm-size bottles and delivered worldwide by hard disk manufacturers. At present, a derivative of D-40H is being researched and developed to help further enlarge disk capacity and provide steady results. MORESCO will continue contributing to hard disk evolution and to improving reliability.



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