Reactive hot melt adhesives, MORESCO-MELT RO Series

Tuesday, 03 September 2013

Reactive hot melt adhesives, MORESCO-MELT RO Series



Reactive hot melt adhesives are adhesives that contain no solvents and with improved heat resistance. Because there are no solvents, major automobile manufacturers have adopted this series of adhesives for its human and environment-friendly features. The MORESCO-MELT RO series provides high adhesion properties also for polypropylene parts, an excellent match with more and more of today’s automobiles using polypropylene to save weight.

Some people like the unique smell of brand-new cars, but this smell is actually the solvents used for adhesives, many of which contain hazardous chemical substances. Such substances can cause dizziness, headaches, breathing problems and other unfavorable symptoms. Hot melt adhesives, however, do not cause such symptoms because they contain no solvents.

The RO series is also used for adhesion of door trims of "eco-friendly" cars.
The RO series is a reactive hot melt adhesive that hardens by means of water (moisture) in the air or the material to be adhered.

The RO series exhibits high adhesive properties and heat resistance also for polypropylene parts.
The RO also series shows excellent paintability for beat painting and spiral spraying. 


Product No.merit & useMain ingredientColorPackingProduct Information
RO-180 For difficulty adhesion material (polypropylen)   Pale yellow 2.5kg aluminum pack  
TN-624Z For non-woven fabric/resin, difficulty adhesion   Pale yellowish white Excell coat  
TN-729Z Heat resistance general type   Yellowish brown Excell coat  
TN-903S Sticky tipe   Pale yellow Excell coat  
RAC-30Z Heat resistance. For door trim.   Pale yellow Excell coat