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The earth's environment is deteriorating as global warming increases year by year. To protect our planet, achieving the shift from a society based on mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal to one based on recycling while using resources effectively is an important challenge. At MORESCO we are tackling the challenges of protecting the environment and ensuring safety as important management issues. We will strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and win the trust of stakeholders by protecting the environment, eliminating accidents, and providing environmentally friendly manufacturing and services.

Basic Environmental Philosophy

We are intensely aware that we have a responsibility toward ensuring a better environment for the next generation. To realize a sustainable society, we will therefore strive to maintain and improve environmental conservation in all our activities including research and development, and manufacturing.
We are also committed to user-focused R&D, and will strive to provide environmentally friendly products and services.

Environmental Action Policy

We view environmental conservation initiatives as one of our important business challenges, and will pursue such initiatives through company-wide activities.
We will strive to achieve ongoing improvement of the environment and prevent environmental pollution by setting and periodically reviewing objectives and goals related to environmental improvement.

1. Development and provision of environmentally friendly products

We will contribute to society by developing and providing products with minimal environmental impact and products and services that can contribute to environmental improvement.

2. Legal compliance

We will comply with laws, regulations, and agreements related to environmental conservation, and in addition to managing environmentally harmful materials appropriately, will strive to achieve continuous improvement of our impact on the environment by voluntarily setting environmental impact reduction targets.

3. Conservation of resources

We will strive to promote the conservation of energy and resources and the reduction of waste, and will make effective use of limited resources in our business activities.

4. Environmental education

We will improve our employees' understanding of our environmental policies and their awareness and skills related to environmental conservation via in-house environmental education and public relations activities.

Motohisa Morozumi, COO, Representative Director, President
MORESCO Corporation

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