Synthetic lubricants for use as lubricating oil and as grease base oils: FAQs

What are some specific examples of the use of alkyl diphenyl ether?
Urea grease that is a blend of alkyl diphenyl ether as a base oil and a urea-based thickening agent has the merit that it is highly resistant to heat. It is used as a grease for high temperatures on the bearings of electrical components on automobiles with the aim of achieving a long service life.
What is the compatibility of phenyl ether type synthetic oils with rubber materials?
In general, phenyl ether type synthetic oils are compatible with fluorine rubber and silicone rubber. Some types may not be compatible with ethylene propylene rubber or nitrile rubber.
What are the applications of tetraphenyl ether?
As this product is highly resistant to radiation, it is used as a lubricant on seismic isolation devices for nuclear reactors, Co-gamma ray irradiation facility equipment, electron beam irradiation facility equipment and nuclear fuel reprocessing plant equipment.
What are the applications of pentaphenyl ether?
It is used as the vacuum pump oil on precision analysis equipment such as electronic microscopes and mass spectrometers, and as a lubricant on equipment in radiation irradiating equipment, for which heat resistance is required.