Corporate Information

For Prospective Customers (Purchase Information)

This page is intended to provide information about the material procurement to new suppliers.

Purchasing Policy

MORESCO will promote procurement activities under the following purchasing policy based on the belief of our Management Vision "MORESCO Group delivers sustainable one-of-a-kind products to the world" and the "MORESCO Corporate Behavior Charter."

  1. We conduct global procurement activities by providing fair trade and opportunities based on legal compliance and corporate ethics.
  2. In cooperation with our suppliers, we promote the maintenance and improvement of quality and safety, appropriate pricing, improvement of delivery time, and stable supply.
  3. We aim for sustainable initiatives throughout the supply chain, taking into consideration "consideration for the global environment," "resource conservation," and "the protection of human rights and the labor environment".

Deal Flow

1 Contact Please contact us by e-mail.
2 Evaluation We evaluate strictly on the basis of the description of the e-mail.
3 Interview We have an interview about the offer that has passed the evaluation. And we will do the negotiation and confirmation about quality, price and others.
4 Quote request We request a quotation on the basis of the agreement of the interview.
5 Purchase agreement We sign a purchase agreement by purchasing specifications and quotation. But in the case of the deal with us for the first time, you may be required documents to us.
6 Order When the procedure is finished, we will order based on the agreement.
7 Payment We will transfer the payment to the bank account you specify according to the payment agreement.

Trade Items

Raw Materials

For liquid paraffin, sulfonate Paraffinum liquidum / Alkyl benzene / Inorganic aids
For metal working fluid, hydraulic fluid Paraffinum liquidum / Emulsifying agent / Extreme pressure agent / Lubricity improver / pH adjuster / Defoamer / Rust inhibitor / Mold inhibitor / Other additives
For synthetic lubricating oil α-olefin / DPO / additive
For hot melt adhesive Thermoplastic rubber / Tackifier resin / Olefin / EVA / Wax / Additive

Packaging Materials

Container Drum / Can / Bottle
For packing Bag / Plastic / Film / Cardboard / One-way pallet


Contact About Purchase Infomation

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Osaka-city, Osaka, 541-0051 Japan
TEL / FAX 06-6262-3319 / 06-6262-3327

* Please contact us about the inquiry of materials collection.
(Please contact us from the page for "About Products (How to buy / Document request)" if you have questions about our products.)